Vanne Interiors

Responsive Web Design

In keeping with NDAs, certain elements of the project are censored in this case study.

The thoughts below are my own, and do not necessarily reflect views of the company.

The Brief

Vanne is a minimalist home furnishing catalogue with experts that pride themselves on impeccable quality and true craftsmanship. 

Their website needed to provide users with online access to the catalogue information and ordering, as well as featuring their blog and company vision.

My Role

I took this project as Design Lead, working directly with the company founder to ensure client needs were met, and managing a junior designer for asset creation.

Vison Definition

I worked with the client to flesh out a full idea map of the company vision and overall brand goals.

UX Strategy

I took the reins on user research by interviewing existing clients and non-users before and during the design process.


I worked with the client to create the final logo for the brand and created a brief brand guidelines document to assist in further company branding.

Web Design

I created the homepage layout and created page templates to delegate page creation for the rest of the site.



that still feels like a full and complete website on mobile devices.

Brand Definition

clean, sophisticated, and elegant brand while still being approachable.


focusing the website on the social proof of the company blog.



For interior decor, we wanted the brand itself to feel natural and not too heavy, but with a timeless and elegant mood, sticking with neutral tones and clean aesthetic.

Web Design

The website still needed to feel massive in scale even on mobile. Where the solution is generally to simply allow one column per row, we wanted to make users feel like they weren’t getting trapped in a censored mobile experience of the website. The biggest challenge would be to create a usable mobile version that still felt full featured. This meant, among other things; No hamburger menu concepts, and two columns at the smallest device level.


Modular Content

Keeping our grid strict with each piece of content in it’s own modele allows for fluid design between screen sizes, even with the spacious full width layout.


The photos on the homepage form an open and  inviting space between the sidebar and the article summaries.

Adding Warmth

The warm and earthy neutral tones in the palette compliment wood tones in furniture and flooring, while still letting content colors pop.

Final Designs

I handed the brand guidelines, interface templates and these final homepage layouts to the junior designers on the team, who would continue fleshing out the content pages. I also provided the front-end devs with a working prototype of the fluid grid.

I really enjoyed working within the field of interior design, where I felt the more elegant we could be, the better. 

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